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Smart and easy to use Digital Signage

Connect with your audience thru TV screens. Fully automatic, created by you or a combination of those. Creating your own TV channel has never been so easy, efficient and goal oriented. Our system can be delivered out of the box, or customized to your needs. Contact us now for a demo or read on to learn more.

Attention value

The attention value of a screen is high. That makes the use of a screen the ideal way to introduce your customers to your occasions, special offers and opening hours.
Scoop Creation offers with Instore Broadcast a complete digital signage package including installation, the development of content, design and monitoring. Our system works on every tv-screen. We can advise and provide screens for you, you can use existing screens or purchase and place your own screens. Supplementary services are available, such as program planning, data research and rss feed linking. You can contact us for more information.

Still image of an Instore Broadcast Template Example
How it works.

Automatic: Automatically generated clips of RSS feeds. For example we can complement your media with content that we provide, such as promotion videos. You do not have to do anything at all, because we provide and take care of your tv-channel.

Manual: Do you want to show your messages on the tv-channel? You can easily enter your messages in the text areas and add images and videos in specially designed templates.

what do you need?

Do you already have screens? You can connect the player to any screen with HDMI input.

No screens yet?

We can arrange the complete installment of the screen and player, when you provide an internet connection and power supply.

Instore Broadcast Player

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