On-Air Workflow

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Most TV channels secure their on-air continuïty by producing promos.
Most common are ‘Now, later, tomorrow’ promo’s, or daily menu’s.
These promo’s are either produced internally by the promo- department, or externally by suppliers.
In either situation, a specific workflow is needed in order to produce multiple versions of promo’s on a daily basis.


Promo still

Unique benefits of our on-air workflow solution

More possibilities / added actualisation
More creative possibilities
Gain time, efficiënt workflow
More promo’s in less time with less resources Versioning languages, timezones, scheduling
High quality output without errors
Specialisation, specials / one-offs versus versioning


On-Air Workflow

Scoop Creation specializes in broadcast design and on-air workflows. We integrate any design with state of the art technology for versioning repetitive on-air promos, interstitials or daily menus.

On-Air Workflow