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Case Study

RTL Nederland

For RTL Nederland we created multiple Channel Identities, in most cases commisioned and in cooperation with  Studio OOQ

RTL Nederland is a subsidiary of the RTL Group. The media company is located in Hilversum. Although the licences of its TV-stations RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8 are issued by Luxembourg, the company targets the Dutch market.



Brand: RTL Nederland
Client: OOQ


Broadcast Identity
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

Station identification (ident, network ID or channel ID) is the practice of radio or television stations or networks identifying themselves on-air, typically by means of a call sign or brand name (sometimes known, particularly in the United States, as a “sounder” or “stinger”, more generally as a station or network ID). This may be to satisfy requirements of licensing authorities, a form of branding or a combination of both. As such, it is closely related to production logos used in television and cinema, alike.