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Personalized Video Message

A mobile phone is most probably the most ‘personal’ medium where advertisers can get in direct contact with their target group. That is where you want to advertise, but how do you succeed? Advertisers and advertising companies are faced with the challenge of how to develop tools and strategies in order to enter this emerging market. With the PVM they have a cutting-edge marketing tool that gives the opportunity to personalize video messages for mobile phones without annoying their owners.


Interactive Ad (iAd): Future of advertising

The TV-Ad that can be automatically changed using new, relevant info until minutes before it’s aired. Last-minute changes possible, without engaging in a post- production process using AVID, FCP, AE, Flint, Smoke or whatever expensive gadget. And… without the need for a producer, director, editor, motion graphic-artist etc.

Regular (static) Ads cannot respond to (action driven) feedback like the results of a sales action, social media campaign, user-driven input etc. An iAd can!

On-Air Workflow

Scoop Creation specializes in broadcast design and on-air workflows. We integrate any design with state of the art technology for versioning repetitive on-air promos, interstitials or daily menus.

On-Air Workflow